Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Little Blessings

Whenever I sit down at my computer I hope that today is the day I get an email that says, "there are no more rescues because stupid people don't exist any longer". However, that hasn't happened - yet! BUT, I did recently get an email about 3 little basenji girls abandoned in Indiana. They were a mess, but very sweet and needed our help. I was hoping for a bit of a repreave from the onslaught of dogs that seem to keep rushing into BRAT, but that hasn't yet happened, so needless to say I was feeling a bit overwhelmed - until I saw them. Their little brown eyes looked at me and my husband with such desperation and need. It seemed as if they were saying, "will you be the one to love us? Do we have to endure any more hardship?" Now, it takes a lot to rattle my cage, but these 3 little ladies touched my heart and brought out a side of me rarely seen (the side with tears).

They had been abandoned by their owners in an empty house. A very nice lady took them in, fed them, and contacted BRAT. I picked them up, brought them home, gave them shelter, food and some affection. A day later I dropped them off at the vet. I could barely stand to leave them there for fear they'd feel abandoned once again. Luckily, there are about 30 people at the vet's office that constantly keep in contact with the surgery animals. They were in good hands. Now if I could only get out of there without breaking into tears...NOPE! I cried the whole way home.

I picked them up the next day and to my surprise they were EXCITED to see ME! They were like saran wrap! It was such a moment. I got them home and they were so pleased to just let me touch and snuggle them. My synical frown turned into a warm and tearful smile. I thought to myself, "This is why I joined BRAT. It is for these little moments that bless my life and make me smile. It is for the moments that may just help them come out of their shells, even for one brief moment." These three little needy dogs turned into the three little blessings I needed to keep going for the next dog in need (which happened 24 hrs later).

David and I doted over the girls all night long. I'm happy to say they are all doing wonderfully and going to foster homes. I am, however, going to miss their little faces. BUT, since it doesn't seem like the email I'm hoping for will come any time soon, I know another smile is just around the corner. AND, until the day that email arrives, I sure am glad that BRAT and all it's volunteers are around to help these little critters. Because even in those moments of stressful chaos we all have, it only takes a small moment between you and your pet to make it worth while.


  1. Suzanne, you reminded me why I love rescue so much, and rescue people. AND now I am getting tearful myself, so I need to go home and hug my dogs!!

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  3. Granted not all of the people who post their dogs with BRAT are "stupid." Many of them are well meaning and just over their heads. Some of them are military deployed overseas. Some of them have serious health issues.

    But, a fair number of them can be accurately be called "stupid." At least they contact BRAT and don't have the basenji put to sleep or dumped in a kill shelter. Thank heaven for small favors.

  4. As an owner who relinquished ownership of my basenji to BRAT, I take offense to being called "stupid". This was not the only posting/comment made referring to basenji owners as "stupid" (See also, "Mr. Average Idiot" article.)

    Maybe because I'm not involved in rescue work, I don't see the things that you and the other volunteers see on a day to day basis, but I do think that your organization should recognize the fact that often times owners are forced to make decisions that they don't take lightly. Not all of us just want to "get rid of our dog!" If this were the case, we would just take them to the Humane Society and drop them off, not drive 4 hours to meet a volunteer, make a monetary donation along with providing dog cages of various sizes.

    This type of attitude does not attract people and/or previous owners to make continuing donations to your organization. (Advertising 101)


    Not so Stupid

  5. I certainly agree that most of our relinquishing owners wish the best for their dogs. I apologize to any such owner who believes that this blog entry was directed towards them---it really wasn't.