Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you Twister!

It seems as though we've had fosters for so long that I forgot what "my" dogs were like without them. AND it seems like they behave better when there are fosters in my house. Why is that? Well, I've concluded that they get distracted in trying to gain my attention so they behave to get praise. It wasn't until our most recent foster, Charlotte, went to her new forever home that I realized how much of a little devil I still have in my youngest, Twister! Yes, his name fits him quite perfectly. He is a whirlwind of excitement and he's always on the move. Thus, this being my preamble, I end up with the latest and greatest from my "zoo".

I have always known Twister to be a little "naughty". I knew that before we ever brought him home. He's destroyed lots of things, but it has been so long since he did anything terrible that I had a lapse in judgement about leaving him alone in my living room. mistake! But somehow he knew exactly what to chew so that I wouldn't get too upset. How is that? Why is that? Is it telepathy? My husband seems to think I somehow "willed" him to chew the "right" item. I think he's reaching, but nevertheless I was wasn't horrified when I walked in the living room a week ago to find Twister's latest achievement in the destruction of the residential construction. I wasn't really even mad. I just looked at the mess, looked at him, threw my hands up in the air and said, "David, don't come in the living room yet. You won't like what you see. By the way, put your shoes on; we need to go shopping."

As the dutiful sidekick to my madness of basenji ownership he did as I asked. I corralled the basenjis and put them in their crates and we left. Dave wondered during the ride into town what could have happened...I didn't dare say. I waited for 30 minutes until we got to the local hardware store. He then asked, "WHAT DID HE DO!?" I replied, "It really wasn't THAT bad..." I didn't look him in the eyes as I knew he'd know I wasn't being completely honest. Well, we walked into the store and I headed to the wood flooring department. Suddenly I felt a large hand on my shoulder and was spun around like, well, a "Twister"...Dave looked at me with eyes as large as saucers! He asked, "What happened?" I knew the jig was up!!! I confessed and told him that my sweet, loving, beautiful baby basenji boy chewed the carpet in the living room! I promised it wasn't "BAD", but it was in a very obvious place - the middle of the floor! No, I couldn't hide it with furniture, and yes he would likely make it worse.

Dave wasn't too happy with me - obviously. Did he blame the dog? NO! He blamed me and began to laugh. He said that I "willed" Twister to chew the carpet because I wanted new wood flooring in the living room and didn't want to wait until next summer. That was preposterous! I would NEVER do such a thing! Well, I would, but I didn't in this case. Twister doesn't listen to me that well!

We shopped and found our flooring, and as luck would have it, the flooring was even on sale! We brought the flooring home, and have it in location that the dog can't chew and on Labor Day weekend I'll get it installed. BUT, until then, all I can say is THANK YOU TWISTER! No, you didn't save me money, and yes, you did destroy something. BUT, I know I'll love the new flooring and it wouldn't have happened this soon without you! Maybe I should give you a special treat. Don't tell Dave!

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  1. LOL! I think that's exactly how my husband feels most of the time - like "the dutiful sidekick to my madness of basenji ownership." Well said!